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About this Journal


Bulletin of Applied Economics is an international, peer-reviewed scholarly open access journal on international economics, instruments, policy and risk management research. It publishes reviews, regular research papers, and communications; there is no restriction on the length of the papers. Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical research in as much detail as possible. Full experimental and/or methodical details must be provided for research articles.

The Bulletin of Applied Economics considers submissions in the form of research papers on the following, but not limited to, topics:

  • Risk management regulations and their implications
  • Risk capital allocation and risk budgeting
  • Theoretical development of alternative risk measures
  • Economic theory
  • Monetary Theory and Policy
  • Αpplied Macroeconomics
  • National and international income distribution
  • Interdisciplinary financial studies
  • International financial crises and regulation
  • Methodologies and conceptualization issues related to finance
  • Capital Allocation
  • Public Economics and Public Policy
  • Applied Financial Econometrics

Latest papers

Fiscal governance and forecasting Bias: a case study of Greece during the economic crisis

Panagiotis Liargovas, Vasilis Pilichos and Anastasia Angelopoulou

Bulletin of Applied Economics 2021, 8(2), 75-95 | downloads:48 | JEL: Ε6, Η6

Stock market and economic growth nexus in Ghana

Samuel Antwi, Mohammed Issah and Richard Kpodo

Bulletin of Applied Economics 2021, 8(2), 57-73 | downloads:56 | JEL: 047, G1

Earnings Management. An overview of the relative literature

Ioannis Dokas, Christos Leontidis, Nicolaos Eriotis and Konstantinos Hazakis

Bulletin of Applied Economics 2021, 8(2), 25-55 | downloads:83 | JEL: G4, H32, M41, M21, B26

Corporate Social Responsibility and Credit Ratings: On the Moderating Role of Firm Capability

Chu-Hsiung Lin, Tzu-Chuan Kao, Chang-Cheng Changchien and Chien-Hui Wu

Bulletin of Applied Economics 2021, 8(2), 17-24 | downloads:47 | JEL: G30, G32

Do confidence indicators lead Greek economic activity?

Dimitriou Dimitrios, Pappas Anastasios, Kazanas Thanassis and Kenourgios Dimitris

Bulletin of Applied Economics 2021, 8(2), 1-15 | downloads:113 | JEL: E21, E23, E37